The Dermatology Residency Training Program at the University of Chicago, under the direction of Dr. Adena Rosenblatt, Assistant Professor, is dedicated to providing prospective dermatologists a diverse and stimulating clinical experience. The program strives to enhance the overall profession of dermatology by encouraging graduates to practice dermatology ethically and thoughtfully, to apply their knowledge compassionately, and to contribute to furthering the field through research and education.

We offer residents a unique training environment with a very diverse patient population given our location in an underserved area of Chicago and proximity to the Indiana border. We have a strong commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion and have established a dedicated residency curriculum that includes lecture-based sessions, book and journal clubs, and community outreach. Furthermore, our program in conjunction with the Section of Dermatology and the University of Chicago is dedicated to the recruitment of residents, faculty, and staff that are underrepresented in medicine. We understand the importance and ensure a holistic review of our applicants.

The program seeks to foster collegiality, scholarship, professionalism, and accountability. These core values provide the foundation for excellence in education, patient care, and research in dermatology. The program strives to embody these values by:

  • promoting an open, respectful, and cooperative work environment
  • creating and disseminating knowledge
  • practicing in a humanistic manner
  • adhering to a strong work ethic, while encouraging self-improvement, rewarding excellence, and providing meaningful feedback. Our residents also play an intrinsic and active role in program enhancement.

We welcome you to The University of Chicago, our program and our web site and encourage you to browse and learn more about our program.