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UC Pritzker Lottery

Every spring, rising third year and fourth year medical students participate in a lottery to select and rank desired electives for the upcoming year. There are four dermatology-related courses:

  • MEDC53200 – Clinical Dermatology – MS3
  • MEDC53300 – Clinical Dermatology – MS4
  • MEDC53600 – Inpatient Consult Dermatology – MS4
  • PEDS31100 –  Pediatric Dermatology – MS4


VSLO™ Application

Visiting medical students (VMS) must apply through the AAMC Visiting Student Learning Opportunities (VSLO). Students may apply for multiple programs and multiple rotation time slots.  Each slot is 2 weeks, beginning either on the 1st or 15th of the month. If a student wants a 4-week rotation, they must register for two 2-week slots that are continuous. If a student is participating in the MVCP, they must also register for MVCP99000. Once the VSLO application is complete, it is reviewed and accepted by the UC Pritzker Visiting Student Office. Next, the application is reviewed by selected dermatology faculty.

  • July through December rotations: applications are due April 30 and decisions are made by May 14

This is a competitive program with approximately 20 slots available for July through December. The available courses in VSLO are:

  • MEDC53300 – Clinical Dermatology
  • MEDC53600 – Inpatient Consult Dermatology
  • PEDC31100 – Pediatric Dermatology



Applicants must have a University of Chicago Section of Dermatology attending faculty sponsor the rotation as part of the application process.  The process includes submitting the application materials to the Dermatology Education Coordinator and then be reviewed by UCM GME Office for approval. The request needs to be made at least 60 days in advance.

  • Currently enrolled in a residency training program at another institution
  • Must hold the requisite medical license in another state
  • Have the sponsorship of an academic institution
  • Have evidence of adequate financial support and health insurance
  • Each visiting resident observer must have a faculty member who agrees to oversee the period of observation
  • The period of observation cannot exceed 30 days
  • There will be no clinical component to any observation period
  • There will be no training certification issued for an individual’s period of observation


Applications for visiting medical students are coordinated by CGH Visitors Office, UC Pritzker VMS Office, and the Dermatology Education Coordinator. Contact CGH Administration for current application information.

VMS Eligibility Requirements

Applications for visiting resident observers are coordinated by CGH Visitors Office, UCM GME Office, and the Dermatology Education Coordinator. The application process takes at least 6 months. The process begins by contacting CGH Administration.


All shadowing students should contact the Derm Interest Group (DIG) leadership and the Dermatology Education Coordinator for application instructions.