The Dermatology Education Programs are a part of the University of Chicago Department of Medicine Section of Dermatology.  Our programs seek to foster collegiality,  scholarship, professionalism, and accountability.  These core values provide the foundation for excellence in education, patient care, and research in dermatology.

Our programs strive to embody these values by:

  • Promoting an open, respectful, and cooperative work environment
  • Creating and disseminating knowledge
  • Practicing in a humanistic manner
  • Adhering to a strong work ethic, while encouraging self-improvement, rewarding excellence, and providing meaningful feedback

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

In 2020, the Section of Dermatology developed a vision for a world where all people are happy and healthy in their own skin. One of our goals is to contribute towards that vision by enriching the lives of our patients, trainees and colleagues through a culture that embraces and nurtures diversity and inclusion. The University of Chicago has identified four pillars that are part of its overall diversity strategy: infrastructure, climate, people and community. This DEI Plan for the Section of Dermatology fits within the University’s framework, which is echoed in the Department of Medicine’s DEI Plan, and provides structure and direction for the Section within the context of the mission and values of both the DOM and the University.

Dermatology Residency Program

Dermatopathology Fellowship Program

Dermatology Medical Student & Visitors Program